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Interactive experiences in retail: The case of Mood Shop

Retail stores are looking to innovate and add value to the way they present their products to customers. The Mood Shop group turned to M&A Digital to implement an innovative digital solution in its Outlet store in the Aveiro district.

The Interactive Mupi created a link with the Group's other stores and is an attraction for those who visit the store. It also ensures that customers can see products that are unavailable in the store and finalize the purchase process.

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The Mupi allows us to show products in-store that we don't have here. It's a way of showing what's available in the group's other stores and giving our customers a new experience.

Carolina,  Outlet Marketing Manager
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More than an online store, a contact point.

One of the reasons that led Mood Shop to install the Interactive Mupi in its store came from the need to promote better and greater use of the website, through monitoring and in-store experience. The website takes on greater importance for the business because not all items are available in the Group's physical stores, as may be the case with the Outlet store where the multimedia equipment was installed.

The Mood Group's digitalization process involves focusing on in-store contact and driving customers to the digital environment, in order to explore more products and boost sales, while maintaining the quality of face-to-face service.

The importance of the online store.

Investing in E-commerce gives you another way to promote products and guarantee the public access to your store 24/7. By setting up E-commerce, there is potential for growth and the acquisition of new customers, as well as a greater chance of returning customers.

In addition to the online store, customers have a dedicated area on the website where they can check their orders and status, as well as return items. This area makes it easier for staff to support customers, giving them more time to carry out their duties in the store.

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