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01. Progressão de carreira 0 Career progression We train people for the future. One of our goals is to allow our employees to progress in their careers and enhance their professional growth.
02. Formação especializada 1 Specialized training Specialized training to update employees so that we are always evolving, together.
03. Seguro de saúde 0 Health insurance All employees have health insurance provided by the company.
04. Kit de Boas-Vindas 1 Welcome kit We want to demonstrate that we know how to receive in the best way. All new team members receive a Digital kit.
05. Eventos anuais 1 Annual meetings Teambuilding events on special dates with all the company's employees.
06. Instalações state-of-the-art 0 State-of-the-art facilities We believe that good work can only be achieved with good conditions. We ensure that our offices and meeting rooms have all the necessary conditions to do our work with state-of-the-art technology on our side.

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.NET Developer Development .NET Developer for the development of large-scale distributed software applications and tools.
Digital Designer Marketing Development of communication pieces and creation of content appropriate to the communication strategy of the company and its products.
Stack Python - Data engineer Development Stack Python for acquiring, transforming, and monitoring large volumes of data.
Front-End Developer Development We are looking for colleagues with aesthetic and visual sensibility to work as a team in order to contribute to solving the challenges we face daily.
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