Technology in business management 0
Technology in business management

Technology has been playing a major role in increasing the efficiency and growth of companies.

ERP or CRM: Which system is right for your business? 0
ERP or CRM: Which system is right for your business? ERP and CRM are different types of software, developed to meet different business needs.
Como avaliar a segurança de um website? 0
How to assess the security of a website? There are some actions that should be taken by users to reduce the risk of accessing fraudulent or unsafe sites.
Cibersegurança: Como pode proteger o seu negócio? 0
Cybersecurity: How can you protect your business? Cybersecurity is constantly evolving due to new threats emerging more and more over time, requiring a proactive and continuous approach by companies to protect people, systems, data, and confidential information.
Outsourcing: How to optimize the efficiency of teams? 0
Outsourcing: How to optimize the efficiency of teams? Outsourcing is a practice that consists in hiring specialized teams to provide services and solutions such as IT project management, analysis and specification of software requirements, implementation and management of IT infrastructure and implementation of technological innovations. 
Cloud Computing: More productivity in security 0
Cloud Computing: More productivity in security There are different types of cloud - public, private, community and hybrid - all of which aim to facilitate access to computing resources and IT services in a simple and scalable way.
Boas práticas sobre segurança da informação 0
InfoSec Best Practices Information security - InfoSec - covers all business-related tools and processes to protect data and information, from network and infrastructure security to testing and auditing.
Data breach: Importância da segurança dos dados 0
Data breach: The importance of data security With the increase in cyber attacks on businesses regardless of their size or business area, it is critical to ensure that appropriate and up-to-date security measures are in place for the protection of personal and confidential data.
Ransomware: Como evitar ataques nos negócios 0
Ransomware: How to avoid business attacks Ransomware attacks are a constantly evolving threat, causing significant damage and expense to different businesses.
Phishing: O que é e como prevenir? 0
Phishing: What is it and how to prevent? Phishing attacks can be particularly dangerous if no action is taken and not handled properly, and can cause significant losses to an employee and/or the entire business.
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