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Internet of Things: Impact on business

Internet of Things: Main changes caused by IoT in business and how IoT is changing business.

13 abr 2022
Mobilidade Digital: O futuro do trabalho é móvel 0
Digital Mobility: The future of work is mobile Digital Mobility: What it is and how digital mobility transforms companies and businesses.
Machine Learning: Como tomar decisões estratégicas nos negócios 0
Machine Learning: How to make strategic business decisions Machine Learning: What it is and the importance of Machine Learning for businesses to make strategic decisions.
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Systems integration: Why it's important for e-Commerce? Systems integration: What it is and the benefits for E-commerce.
30 mar 2022
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Process Automation: Greater business productivity What is process automation and how does process automation increase the productivity of teams in business.
02 mar 2022
Valor do Big Data Analytics para os negócios 0
Value of Big Data analytics for business Big Data Analytics is the process of examining large amounts of data through the use of predictive models, statistical algorithms, and analysis performed by high-performance analytical systems that have the ability to collect, store, process, analyze, and discover patterns in the data obtained.
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Nearshore: Business-changing partnerships Nearshore is a way for companies and businesses to reach higher levels and stands out in particular for its many advantages in terms of access to highly qualified resources with the right know-how.
16 mar 2022
Internet of Things - onde o mundo físico encontra o digital 2
Internet of Things: Where the physical world meets the digital one Internet of Things (IoT): Where the physical world meets the digital world and cooperates with each other, making business more competitive and efficient.
03 nov 2021
Big Data - Tome decisões mais inteligentes para o seu negócio 0
Big Data: Make smarter decisions for your business The concept of Big Data is a set of processes that bring together a large amount and variety of unstructured data from various sources that have an impact on a business's daily life.
13 out 2021
Digitalização: O primeiro passo para mudar o seu negócio 0
Digitalization: The first step to change your business Business digitalization: The change from manual methods to digital methods or the transition of information and tools from analogue to digital is what generally defines the digitalization of companies.
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