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Valor do Big Data Analytics para os negócios 0
Value of Big Data analytics for business

Big Data Analytics is the process of examining large amounts of data through the use of predictive models, statistical algorithms, and analysis performed by high-performance analytical systems that have the ability to collect, store, process, analyze, and discover patterns in the data obtained.

16 fev 2022
teste 0
How can Business Intelligence help companies in their decision-making? Business Intelligence is a business model that aims to make the companies' indicators and planning more assertive. It is used to collect information from a company's systems, such as ERP's or CRM's, to be stored in a database called Data Warehouse through the ETL (Extract, Transformation, Load) process.
Integração de sistemas: para negócios mais eficientes 0
Systems Integration: For more efficient business With today's highly competitive market, there is a growing demand for companies to make use of technological solutions to carry out activities with high productivity.
19 jan 2022
Mobilidade Digital: O futuro do trabalho é móvel 0
Digital Mobility: The future of work is mobile New technologies are changing the way people live in society - internet and mobile devices are the main drivers for the change in the way people interact with each other.
05 jan 2022
Machine Learning: Como tomar decisões estratégicas nos negócios 0
Machine Learning: How to make strategic business decisions Machine learning is a type of artificial intelligence that automates the construction of analytical models through algorithms based on a significant amount of data from different sources.
15 dez 2021
Digitalização: O primeiro passo para mudar o seu negócio 0
Digitalization: The first step to change your business Electronic processes are increasingly part of the way we work and consume, and digitalization is a worldwide trend that has opened several opportunities in different business areas, inevitable for the survival and growth of businesses. So digitalization is already a reality that''s here to stay.
Transformação Digital - O caminho do futuro empresarial 1
Digital Transformation: The business future The concept of digital transformation can be described as a process by which businesses make use of technology to optimize work and improve performance in order to achieve better results.
Internet of Things - onde o mundo físico encontra o digital 2
Internet of Things: onde o mundo físico encontra o digital Nowadays, we are surrounded by equipment and objects that rely on the internet and technology to perform their functions. Over time, we have seen a great evolution of technology and equipment, which are increasingly modern and connected to each other.
03 nov 2021
Big Data - Tome decisões mais inteligentes para o seu negócio 0
Big Data: Make smarter decisions for your business The concept of Big Data is a set of processes that bring together a large amount and variety of unstructured data from various sources that have an impact on a business's daily life.
O que é Business Intelligence e o que pode fazer pela sua empresa? 0
What is Business Intelligence and what can it do for your business? With the advance of technology and the consequences resulting from this evolution, competitiveness in the business world has increased. Therefore, the need for a smarter method to support business decision making that works in a scalable way has emerged.

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