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Benefits of ERP integration in e-commerce 0
Benefits of ERP integration in e-commerce

Through integration, all business management and work processes become simpler and more efficient, which allows a simpler resolution of tasks and possible problems or failures for a greater scalability of the business.

04 jan 2023
System integration in e-commerce: How can it change business? 0
System integration in e-commerce: How can it change business? The system(s) integration in an online store, is the process of connecting different systems and platforms in order to enable efficient automated interaction, optimize operations, processes and improve users' shopping experience.
21 dez 2022
Boas práticas sobre segurança da informação 0
InfoSec Best Practices Information security - InfoSec - covers all business-related tools and processes to protect data and information, from network and infrastructure security to testing and auditing.
07 dez 2022
Data breach: Importância da segurança dos dados 0
Data breach: The importance of data security With the increase in cyber attacks on businesses regardless of their size or business area, it is critical to ensure that appropriate and up-to-date security measures are in place for the protection of personal and confidential data.
23 nov 2022
Ransomware: Como evitar ataques nos negócios 0
Ransomware: How to avoid attacks on businesses Ransomware attacks are a constantly evolving threat, causing significant damage and expense to different businesses.
09 nov 2022
Phishing: O que é e como prevenir? 0
Phishing: What is it and how to prevent it? Phishing attacks can be particularly dangerous if no action is taken and not handled properly, and can cause significant losses to an employee and/or the entire business.
26 out 2022
Como evitar a fuga de dados nos negócios? 0
How to avoid data leakage in business? The leakage of data and information from companies can result from a failure or a set of failures that happen individually or in isolation due to the lack of an information security policy, human failures such as accidents or reckless behavior, vulnerability of systems or lack of backups.
12 out 2022
Cloud Computing: Escalabilidade para os negócios 0
Cloud Computing: Business scalability Naturally, different businesses will not have the same kind of IT needs, which makes cloud storage an effective solution when it comes to business scalability.
28 set 2022
Benefícios da cultura DevOps para os negócios 0
Benefits of DevOps culture for business The biggest and most impactful benefit of the DevOps culture is the frequent improvement and high quality of software development. This means not only better performance for the business, but also for their teams.
14 set 2022
Big Data: A importância dos dados nos negócios 0
Big Data: The value of data in business Nowadays, huge amounts of data are generated all the time, which makes a clear and efficient traditional analysis difficult. Therefore, data analysis is performed by predictive models, statistical algorithms, and high-performance analytical systems that have the ability to collect, store, process, analyze and discover patterns in the collected data.
03 ago 2022

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