Digitalização: processo de mudança nos negócios 0
Digitalization: Changing business processes

Today, the way of consumption has changed and so adaptation to this reality by business is essential - identify opportunities, collaborate and experiment.

25 mai 2022
For Women Only Your Computer Usage Could Cost You Your Job 0
Digital Transformation: Business with benefits Digital transformation is a process in which companies adopt technology as a way to adapt to current and constantly evolving technology in order to improve team performance, simplify work processes, improve customer experience, increase business impact and market reach.
11 mai 2022
How does this work 0
Internet of Things: Impact on business Internet of Things: Main changes caused by IoT in business and how IoT is changing business.
13 abr 2022
Teste 3 0
Process Automation: Greater business productivity What is process automation and how does process automation increase the productivity of teams in business.
02 mar 2022
Teste 2 0
Nearshore: Business-changing partnerships Nearshore is a way for companies and businesses to reach higher levels and stands out in particular for its many advantages in terms of access to highly qualified resources with the right know-how.
16 mar 2022
Internet of Things - onde o mundo físico encontra o digital 2
Internet of Things: Where the physical world meets the digital one Internet of Things (IoT): Where the physical world meets the digital world and cooperates with each other, making business more competitive and efficient.
03 nov 2021
Digitalização: O primeiro passo para mudar o seu negócio 0
Digitalization: The first step to change your business Business digitalization: The change from manual methods to digital methods or the transition of information and tools from analogue to digital is what generally defines the digitalization of companies.
Transformação Digital - O caminho do futuro empresarial 1
Digital Transformation: The business future Digital transformation can be described as a process through which companies make use of technology to optimize work and improve performance in order to obtain better results.
17 nov 2021
Porquê investir num website à medida? 0
Why invest in a tailor-made website? Investing in a tailor-made website is essential for companies, as it is your company's reflection to the world; it is the way you present yourself to the public.
08 set 2021
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