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Sistem Integration

Automate processes and optimize resources.

Sistem Integration

What is system integration?

In a simple way we can define the integration of systems as the process of connecting various software and applications to function as one. The advantage is obvious: it creates an interdepartmental workflow in your company in which there is no loss of information. Correct and up-to-date data means more efficiency.

M&A Digital's systems integration team specializes in connecting ERPs, APIs and e-commerce platforms. We help your business to be more efficient.


What does the M&A Digital Systems Integration Department do?


Integration with ERPs

We connect the Management System used in your company with the online store, website or CRM.


Integration with APIs

Streamline processes by connecting multiple applications.



Mobile platform dedicated to sales teams and integrated with your company's ERP.

Tool developed by M&A Digital.


Tailor made solutions

If you need a solution built for your business, we are definitely the ideal partner. We study how to make and implement the platform you need to optimize the work of your company.

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