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Client: PRIO
Solutions: Interactivity

"I know more about PRIO"


PRIO wants to make employees true brand ambassadors.

To involve the more than 600 workers (scattered through gas stations, administrative buildings and external partners) in the company's culture, an internal marketing action was planned to reward people who know more about the organization.

As a solution, M&A Digital has created a trivia game.

We have developed an easily accessible web application for all PRIO employees. The app is easily accessible and shareable via a link. The quiz game is divided into 4 levels (INITIATED, JUNIOR, SENIOR, and MASTER). Participants have 40 seconds to answer each question.

Anyone who hits 80% more gets a prize and will be considered a “PRIO Specialist”. Anyone who does not receive a free gift of participation. A great way for PRIO to recognize the interest and effort of the participants.


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