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Website, Interactivity


Client: PO.RO.S
Solutions: Website, Interactivity
Area: Culture

In the PO.RO.S - Museum Portugal Romano in Terras de Sicó you'll discover the history of a remarkable civilization. Of a people who changed the course of history.

“Best Achievement Award” – Heritage in Motion 2018

1st prize category “Games and interactive experiences” – Heritage in Motion 2018

“Best management and multimedia application” – APOM Prizes of 2018


In 2016, the Glorybox and M&A Digital teams began designing an innovative museum space that does more than tell the story.

The goal has always been to create a museum in which to live the history. Commissioned by the City Council of Condeixa, the PO.RO.S is a multimedia space in which the cultural heritage is explained through attractive content created by the best national experts.

The partnership with the Monographic Museum of Conimbriga allows the exhibition of a unique archaeological collection. The M&A Digital team designed, produced and implemented the 33 interactive applications installed in the Portugal Romano Museum. The concept of "Learning through interaction" was the basis for the design and development of facilities that stimulate the senses and allow an unparalleled experience.

On May 6, 2017 we had the pleasure of inaugurating this museum, which has since conquered visitors, the press and cultural organizations. In May 2018, the PO.RO.S - Portugal Romano Museum in Sicó was awarded the "Management and Multimedia Application" Prize by the Portuguese Museum Association.

After the national distinction, the PO.RO.S went further and managed to win two European Heritage in Motion Awards in September 2018 - "Best Achievement Award" and "Interactive Experiences".

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Multimedia applications developed by M&A Digital

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Foto Grande
Foto Grande
Vídeo Candidatura - Heritage in Motion
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