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Museum Metalúrgica Duarte Ferreira

Museum Metalúrgica Duarte Ferreira
Client: Museum Metalúrgica Duarte Ferreira
Solutions: Interactivity
Area: Culture

A tribute to the people of Tramagal.

“Museum of the Year” - APOM Prizes of 2018
Honorable mention category “Investigation” - APOM Prizes of 2018


This project was born out of the will of a community, a people that wanted to honor the work of a pioneer in the Portuguese metallurgical industry: Eduardo Duarte Ferreira (1856-1948).


Inaugurated on May 1, 2017, the Museum Metalúrgica Duarte Ferreira makes use of several interactive installations to tell more than 100 years of history of one of the most important Portuguese companies of the XX century.


The butterfly was the symbol personally chosen by Duarte Ferreira to represent the company. To this day, we do not know why, but it is suspected that the butterfly symbolizes the metamorphosis / adaptation necessary to survive and thrive.


MDF is part of Tramagal's history. At its peak, the metallurgical company employed around 2500 people and along with the success of the company grew a community that now honors the contributions of the founders and employees of Metalúrgica Duarte Ferreira.

MDF Tramagal
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