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Município de Sever do Vouga

The Municipal Museum of Sever do Vouga shares, in an innovative and interactive way, the history, traditions and cultural heritage of the Municipality.

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Município de Sever do Vouga
Client: Município de Sever do Vouga
Solutions: Interactivity

Touches of History in the Municipal Museum of Sever do Vouga

Inaugurated on May 18, the Municipal Museum of Sever do Vouga is another project of the Glorybox / EON consortium of which M & A Digital is a partner in the area of technological solutions applied to museology.

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Interactivity and innovation at the hands of M & A Digital's multimedia department

Through a holographic projection are demonstrated the uses of a clay pottery of the Roman era, found in the place. At an interactive table, a multimedia application designed as it allows you to know, by touch and in a simple way, the Municipality of Sever do Vouga. Using a large audiovisual projection, visitors can access all the information about the territory, allowing an immersive trip around the city.

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