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Município de Pinhel

Integrated multimedia solutions and installation of interactive hardware.

Município de Pinhel
Client: Município de Pinhel
Solutions: Interactivity
Area: Culture

Pinhel Municipal Museum

Installed on an interactive desktop and interactive vertical screen, M & A Digital Labs, a specialized team of M & A Digital, has developed two multimedia applications for the Municipal Museum of Pinhel. The first is a general application about the town of Pinhel, with emphasis on sites and objects of interest. The second is an application about the history of medieval times in Pinhel, such as the Pinhel Castle, the Battle of Tenras, as well as the history of men and the machinery of war. Specialist in the development of integrated multimedia solutions, M & A Digital is also the reliable partner in rental and sale of equipment. Specializing in the installation of hardware in museological units, M & A Digital was also responsible for the Pinhel Municipal Museum, installing several interactive equipment. Project designed by Glorybox, with the partnership of M & A Digital in the area of interactive multimedia.

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