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Município de Almodôvar

Tailor made interactive multimedia project
by M&A Digital Labs

Município de Almodôvar
Client: Município de Almodôvar
Solutions: Interactivity

Archaeological and Ethnographic Museum
Manuel Vicente Guerreiro

The Manuel Vicente Guerreiro Archaeological and Ethnographic Museum is a museological project with interactive multimedia developed by M & A Digital. The Museum presents the archaeological treasures of the Mesas de Castelinho (Age of Iron, Romanization and Islamic Period) and recreates the rural environment of the parish, represented in the agricultural works, in the activities of the village and in the typical houses of Alentejo. This was a project developed by our partner Glorybox for the municipality of Almodôvar, with interactive multimedia by M & A Digital that mirrors the strong and attractive aesthetic language of the Museum. The M & A Digital team, M & A Digital Labs, was responsible for the development of an interactive application on some of the main attractions of the Museum, namely the alembic, the arbutus, the wind and water mills, the daughter-in-law, the haystack and the Talha wine .

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