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Mortágua at the Battle of Bussaco

Mortágua at the Battle of Bussaco
Client: Mortágua at the Battle of Bussaco
Solutions: Interactivity
Area: Culture

A space that shares everything about one of the most important events in Portuguese history.

“Best Film” - APOM Prizes of 2018

The multimedia installations carefully designed and programmed by M&A Digital explore and contextualize the historical 3rd French invasion of Portugal by the troops of Napoleon Bonaparte.

The Battle of Bussaco was the largest military conflict in Portuguese territory and Mortágua was the central stage of this event.

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In addition to the didactic, scientific and cultural function, the Interpretive Center is a space that preserves the memory and honors the courage and tenacity of men and women who have faced the powerful Napoleonic armies.

This is a remarkable cultural space that does not forget the suffering and deprivation of a population that never imagined going through such a scenario of war: the largest recorded on Portuguese soil.

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