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Website, Interactivity, Digital Marketing

Caçarola Dois

Caçarola Dois
Client: Caçarola Dois
Solutions: Website, Interactivity, Digital Marketing
Area: Serviços

Caçarola dois Much more than excellent food

The goal was clear: to create an unparalleled experience to attract new customers. Casserole Two wants to be the reference in Figueira da Foz and to achieve this, sought the digital and interactive solutions of M & A Digital. For this project we have developed not only a website that is fully designed and programmed to respond to the specific needs of the restaurant, but also a digital storefront that allows you to attract potential customers who pass in front of the seafood restaurant. At M&A Digital, Casserole Two has entrusted the management of the Facebook page with the purpose of creating a community that wants much more than excellent food.   The combination of our online and offline solutions, with the excellent service of Casserole Two, make it a must stop for anyone visiting Figueira da Foz.

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