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Interactive experiences for museums and corporate areas.

We design and implement tailor-made multimedia solutions that make spaces more dynamic and communicate with passers-by. We develop work for museums in terms of preserving and renewing historical heritage through technology, interactive multimedia solutions for corporate and commercial environments and DOOH in public spaces.

What we do
Multimédia Interativa 0 01
Interactive Multimedia

We design and implement interactive multimedia applications for museums and corporate areas. We aim to enrich visitors' experience and facilitate interaction with them through technology.

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Hardware e Eletrónica 0 02
Hardware and Electronics

We develop hardware, electronics and software in-house. We adapt our solution to each type of equipment and to the needs of each project.

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Augmented Reality 0 03
Augmented Reality

We create immersive experiences through AR that allow the representation of digital elements in the real world and provide greater proximity to the user.

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Virtual Reality 0 04
Virtual Reality

We create experiences that provide greater engagement and interaction between the user and the virtual world through VR glasses.

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Digital Out-of-Home 0 05
Digital Out-of-Home

The connection between the digital and the physical world, as well as the possibility of communication offered by digital signage provide dynamic experiences that capture attention and promote daily contact between people, businesses and services.

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Touchless Gesture Control 0 06
Touchless Gesture Control

We have developed interactive experiences that respond to gestures, without touch.

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3D Printing 0 07
Prototyping and 3D

High-fidelity prototyping allows us to test the design of our products under real-world conditions and quickly create solutions for their development.

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Montagem 0 08

Our expert teams are responsible for the whole design and implementation process of the multimedia solutions as well as the final assembly in order to guarantee the technical and aesthetic quality of the installation.

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Turn-key project 0 09
Turn-key project

Our expert teams develop multimedia solutions from the design process to the assembly of the equipment, in order to guarantee the delivery of complete final projects.

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01. Facilitates processes 0 Facilitates processes Through an interactive solution, your customers can initiate the attendance process without the need of employee intervention.
02. Reduced waiting time 0 Reduced waiting time Multimedia solutions have greater dynamics, which reduces your customers' perception of waiting time.
03. Stronger brand positioning 0 Stronger brand positioning Multimedia solutions work as a way of publicising and promoting your brand to your clients or public.
04. Strengthens the company-customer relationship 1 Strengthens the business-customer relationship By calling to action, it brings your business closer to the public and customers.
Digitalização de Serviços e Negócios 3 Digitalização de Serviços e Negócios 4
Business Digitalization We automate your manual business processes for greater efficiency and productivity.
Integração de Sistemas e Segurança de Informação 3 Integração de Sistemas e Segurança de Informação 4
Systems Integration and Data Security Access relevant information and data quickly and effectively for immediate and secure response capability.
Machine Learning  and Big Data 3 Machine Learning  and Big Data 4
Artificial Intelligence and Big Data We develop models that facilitate the interpretation of large volumes of data.
Mobilidade Digital 2 Mobilidade Digital 3
Digital Mobility We create mobile and web apps that complete our partners' workflow.
Aplicações multimédia 3 Aplicações multimédia 4
Multimedia Applications We develop and implement tailor-made multimedia solutions that bring life to spaces.
Nearshore e DevOps 3 Nearshore e DevOps 4
Nearshore development and DevOps We help our partners to implement and improve technological structures and work processes.

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