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Maximum customer satisfaction

Extrusal is a national company with 50 years of existence, specialized in extrusion and treatment of aluminum profiles to apply in architectural projects and industry in general. We are together, in the development and implementation of various projects, in a solid and continuous partnership that aims our monitoring and improvement of projects in order to develop and evolve the brand.

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The digitalization of Extrusal

The project aims to create a new website for Extrusal, with the objective of bringing together the visual aspect of the site and the image that the brand wants to transmit to the public. The company's growth strategy is based on a robust presence in digital media and the creation of a renewed, organized and well-structured website is crucial in the Extrusal digitalization process.

The company bases its business in 3 main areas: Architecture, Industries and Installation. With that in mind, we transformed the navigation mode, suitable for each of the areas, to an intuitive experience focused on each user, both in desktop and mobile format.

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"Extrusal S.A, throughout its 50 years of life, has always remained at the technological forefront, its main motto being the quality of its products for maximum customer satisfaction."

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